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Bicycle Trip 1999
10/12  O Windy Day; O Windy, Windy Day
10/12  Illinois Beach State Park (South)
10/13  Evanston, IL
10/16  Left on Halsted and straight for a couple days
10/16  No peace from barking dogs.
10/17  No peace from barking dogs.
10/18  Little ants. Big Earth.
10/18  Cold, sore, sun burned and lonely.
10/19  Evansville -- what a hole.
10/19  And that's why I drive a Multitrack
10/20  Concern for my life on the Bridge O Death
10/20  Hang it, I'm not broke.
10/21  Who's idea was it to come THIS WAY?
10/21  A couple of notes.
10/22  So Lawng Kentucky
10/23  The difference between a hill and a mountain
10/23  Highway 68 is awesome
10/24  Way down yonder 'round the Chattahoochee
10/25  And I thought Chicago was tough.
10/27  I'm not so tough
11/01  Still in Atlanta
11/03  FINALLY leaving Atlanta
11/03  "A Pilgrim," he called me
11/04  A new contestant
11/05  A whole new country
11/06  Trailers West
11/06  Did somebody order pine trees?
11/07  Deep Blue Chevron Station
11/08  I think I goof off too much
11/10  Sea Roaches, Oil Rigs and Casinos
11/11  Hot time in the bayou
11/12  Running on one cylinder
11/12  The adventures of Broken-Knee
11/13  Way to go, Brown!
11/13  Thank God for Advil and Bungie Cords
11/14  Kids in the streets with guns
11/15  I can see cows for miles and miles
11/16  Pleasantly surprised
11/18  Not much to report
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A couple of notes.


No real news here, but I did want to mention a couple things.

John was kind enough to review some of my spelling mistakes for me. I am sorry if my spelling offends anyone. I try to be accurate.

I apologize if I don't get back to everybody right away, if at all. By the time I get my general update pounded out and answer a few of my closer friends/family, I'm ready for bed (or ready for the ground, that is).

Please don't give my email address out to people who don't really want it and certainly don't put it online anyplace. If I start getting spam on my PocketMail, I'll be standing next to the payphone for fifteen minutes waiting for it to download.

Another limitation of my PocketMail is that emails can only be 4000 characters in length, in and out. Nobody has broke this limit yet, except for when they reply with history, meaning my original message is included in the reply. If you know how to keep your email from including the history, please do. Otherwise, it's not a huge problem because the history is usually at the bottom and is cut off instead of the main reply.

I've had many people ask me now if I plan to write a book. The answer is no. I know of at least two books already out there, "The traveling Adventures of Coconut Head" and another one with some feel good title that can be found if you go to the section on bicycle travelogues in Yahoo. There are also the classics, like Marco Polo, for instance. I would like to create my own travelogue web page and add it to the dozens already on the net. It would include all my own updates, pictures, maybe some afterthoughts, and some of your responses. Obviously, I can't do that from the road.

I do appreciate all the responses from people. It's just, like I said, hard to answer everybody individually sometimes.

Thanks for your support.
contact me at le@liverworks.com
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