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Bicycle Trip 1999
10/12  O Windy Day; O Windy, Windy Day
10/12  Illinois Beach State Park (South)
10/13  Evanston, IL
10/16  Left on Halsted and straight for a couple days
10/16  No peace from barking dogs.
10/17  No peace from barking dogs.
10/18  Little ants. Big Earth.
10/18  Cold, sore, sun burned and lonely.
10/19  Evansville -- what a hole.
10/19  And that's why I drive a Multitrack
10/20  Concern for my life on the Bridge O Death
10/20  Hang it, I'm not broke.
10/21  Who's idea was it to come THIS WAY?
10/21  A couple of notes.
10/22  So Lawng Kentucky
10/23  The difference between a hill and a mountain
10/23  Highway 68 is awesome
10/24  Way down yonder 'round the Chattahoochee
10/25  And I thought Chicago was tough.
10/27  I'm not so tough
11/01  Still in Atlanta
11/03  FINALLY leaving Atlanta
11/03  "A Pilgrim," he called me
11/04  A new contestant
11/05  A whole new country
11/06  Trailers West
11/06  Did somebody order pine trees?
11/07  Deep Blue Chevron Station
11/08  I think I goof off too much
11/10  Sea Roaches, Oil Rigs and Casinos
11/11  Hot time in the bayou
11/12  Running on one cylinder
11/12  The adventures of Broken-Knee
11/13  Way to go, Brown!
11/13  Thank God for Advil and Bungie Cords
11/14  Kids in the streets with guns
11/15  I can see cows for miles and miles
11/16  Pleasantly surprised
11/18  Not much to report
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A whole new country


As many of you well know, I don't always catch on to things right away. Today is a prime example. All day long, every time I stopped my bike, I was assaulted by hordes of gnats. Of course, gnats don't hurt anything, so I brushed them away. Well, about 5:15 I find a four-wheeler trail leading into some dense woods. I follow it to find a great campsite next to a creek. I admire it for about one second before I begin dancing. I'm not normally one to dance but it was neccessary in order to keep the mosquitoes off me while I scrambled to dress myself in all heavy clothes, even though it is still about 70 degrees. I quickly set up my tent, which actually wasn't quick because, of course, it wouldn't cooperate. Squadrons of mosquitoes bombed my exposed hands, face and neck the entire time. Eventually I got the tent set up, threw all my gear inside, and dove in after. I've been trapped inside since. I even ate in my tent, a classic no-no for experienced campers. Some people have to learn the hard way. Anybody with any sense should know that gnats during day equals mosquitoes during night. I will buy the repellant tomorrow.

Today certainly was interesting. I've been slightly disappointed for most of my trip because no matter how the terrain looked (with the exception of the mountains), I could say I'd seen it in Wisconsin. That changed today.

I am definitely in new country with new trees and bushes and bugs and dirt and people. The pavement here is even different.

I started the day with the oddest sight: I looked up toward the sun and thought, the sun looks funny. Then I realized that what I was looking at was not the sun at all but a small spectrum of light bouncing off a cloud. The sun was to its right and another spectrum to the sun's right. It was like the sun was flanked on either side by two jewels. I have never seen that before, and thought about taking a picture, but I doubt if it would have turned out right. The spectrums faded quickly.

I've finally hit level ground again. It's funny: Yesterday I was complaining to the Lord about all the hills (one after another after another). Today I'm whining because it's too flat. My body didn't like it as it takes a different kind of locomotion to keep going on flat ground versus hills.

Okay, I admit that I skipped Andersonville. I was originally planning on visiting the Civil War prison there. My stay in Chicago went a day over what I had planned, and Atlanta at least a couple days. I'm assuming the same for Houston and Dallas. I probably won't spend near as much time in Pensacola as I had planned. I guess my focus on this trip isn't to learn about culture or history. That could best be done with an RV, anyway. I'm more interested in meeting my distance goals and visiting some of the outreaches of my church.

For those of you following my route: I started this morning from someplace north of Smithville, Georgia. I followed 19 all the way to Albany (Albainee). In Albany I drove through four miles of miscellaneous stores and businesses and couldn't find a single K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Target or approximation. From there I followed 91 through 36 miles of the least populated land of my journey so far. I cut south on 253 to Bainbridge and took 97 south from there. I am camped just south of Bainbridge. So it looks like I did around 90 miles today.

From here I shall continue into Florida and meander over to the coast. I will then likely follow the coast all the way to Houston, where I'll then stop for a while.

Another interesting thing that I saw today was a couple of cotton bailers. Farmers pick up the cotton with some kind of combine and then dump it into a giant crusher. The resulting bail is about the size of a small semi trailer. They seem to just leave them on the ground, so I'm still not sure how they move them.

I also saw what I think were catfish farms.

Southern Georgia

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