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Bicycle Trip 1999
10/12  O Windy Day; O Windy, Windy Day
10/12  Illinois Beach State Park (South)
10/13  Evanston, IL
10/16  Left on Halsted and straight for a couple days
10/16  No peace from barking dogs.
10/17  No peace from barking dogs.
10/18  Little ants. Big Earth.
10/18  Cold, sore, sun burned and lonely.
10/19  Evansville -- what a hole.
10/19  And that's why I drive a Multitrack
10/20  Concern for my life on the Bridge O Death
10/20  Hang it, I'm not broke.
10/21  Who's idea was it to come THIS WAY?
10/21  A couple of notes.
10/22  So Lawng Kentucky
10/23  The difference between a hill and a mountain
10/23  Highway 68 is awesome
10/24  Way down yonder 'round the Chattahoochee
10/25  And I thought Chicago was tough.
10/27  I'm not so tough
11/01  Still in Atlanta
11/03  FINALLY leaving Atlanta
11/03  "A Pilgrim," he called me
11/04  A new contestant
11/05  A whole new country
11/06  Trailers West
11/06  Did somebody order pine trees?
11/07  Deep Blue Chevron Station
11/08  I think I goof off too much
11/10  Sea Roaches, Oil Rigs and Casinos
11/11  Hot time in the bayou
11/12  Running on one cylinder
11/12  The adventures of Broken-Knee
11/13  Way to go, Brown!
11/13  Thank God for Advil and Bungie Cords
11/14  Kids in the streets with guns
11/15  I can see cows for miles and miles
11/16  Pleasantly surprised
11/18  Not much to report
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Deep Blue Chevron Station


In started today's journey someplace between Youngstown and Bennet, Florida. I followed 388 all the way to 79. Along the way I saw many pine trees. I also saw the most peculiar garbage along side the road. It consisted of banana peels, powerbar and calorie gel wrappers, and hundreds of discarded water bottles, many sporting the TimeX or Gatorade logo. I saw one intact Power Bar sitting to the side of the road and the temptation was too great. I studied it for a second. It looked good so I picked it up and put it in my handlebar bag for later inspection. However, the Power Bar did have a flaw. The package had a tiny hole in and an entire colony of fire ants had taken up resident inside. Well they weren't inside anymore. I got bit several times on the hand and spent the next mile or so knocking them off my bag with a stick. Needless to say I stopped looking for a free meal.

Also along the road were chalk markings giving inspirational messages such as "You can do!" and "Getting there, getting there, Go!" There were paper signs below road signs saying, "Jeff, cold beer ahead" and "cheese burger ahead." I thought, dang, I wish a cheese burger was waiting for me.

I turned south on 79 and stopped at a gas station. There I met a guy named James who lived in Waukesha 13 years ago and currently has a cousin named Holly going to MSOE. Small world. He still retains his Milwaukee (ya, der,hey) accent and informed me that just yesterday there was an Iron Man competition following the route I was on. I also bought a microwave cheeseburger.

So I followed 79 south with anticipation of seeing that great blue horizon of the Gulf of Mexico. Soon, I did see such a blue horizon at the far end of the road. I almost stopped and took a picture. As I got closer it looked more and more like the ocean when suddenly it turned out to be the roof of a Chevron gas station. In fact, when I reached the end of the road, even though the coast was only a couple hundred yards away, I still had to travel a good distance before I could see it because of all the resort buildings and stuff.

So for the next many miles I was flanked by cement brick-build shacks, houses and resorts in a variety of pastel colors. Occasionally I would catch glimpses of the ocean and it's white beaches.

There were also a lot of No Trespassing signs. But these were usually on land that nobody in their right mind would consider trespassing on with out a bulldozer or monster truck anyway, because the brush was so thick.

After turning west off of 79, I'm not sure what road I was on, but before long I got on 98 and then 30A and then back on 98 again. I followed this through Destin and am now planning on camping on the island between Destin and Fort Walton Beach. I'm on the north side of the island because the south side is fenced off and patrolled by the air force. I saw no such signs where I am now, but I realize I could still get kicked out. I plan on sleeping without a tent tonight just to be on the safe side. Hopefully the critters on this island aren't too bold, although as I sit on the beach typing away, storks (?) and sand pipers (?) have no shame of walking right past me.

I'm not sure as to my mileage today. Maybe somebody else can work it out.

There is also a lot of neat stuff washed up on the beach here. I was thinking about just grabbing some of it and getting a head start on my Christmas shopping. So who wants a great big dead jelly fish? Or what looks like a barnacle-covered eel?

One thing I like about this part of Florida is nobody ever cares about your accent. It's probably because everybody has a different one. And that's probably because all the tourists. There sure are a pile of them, even now. If you add up all the bicyclers I saw since leaving Milwaukee, the number wouldn't come close to what I saw today. But most of the bikes today were these awkward rentals.


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