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Hellhole Canyon


Let's test out all my brand new gear.

Shoes capable of collecting cactus spurs -- check.
Socks capable of collecting cactus spurs -- check.
Backpack requires constant fiddling -- check.
Bonnie hat feels funny -- check.
Backpack capable of collecting cactus needles -- check.
Walking staff good for leaning on while removing sand from shoes -- check.
Walking stick capable of collecting cactus spurs -- check.
Camera pouch can be packed and mounted a dozen ways but only one or two that really work -- check.

Because of its proximity to the visitor center, this was the only hike that I made all week where I had any constant contact with other people. I think the most interesting part about visiting the desert is exploring the occasional oasis. (I suppose this is a little like going to New York City just to walk through Central Park.) But around the scattered water sources in the desert is where you find most of the critters. Especially birds. Doves were by far the most frequent visitors. But I also found many humming birds, some finches, and numerous Little Brown Birds and Little Grey Birds.
Let's head to camp:

That's part of the trail. It's called the Second Crossing. The First Crossing wasn't impressive. The Third Crossing was much like the second. Of course, after driving through this I was all pumped up thinking, now this is off-roading. In reality, this is nothing, as you will see later.

Yeah, those are shorts and socks hanging there drying. This camp is right next to the Third Crossing, which also doubles as a very convenient bath and clothes wash. I'll tell you what, though: That water is cold.

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