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04/08  Fish Creek Wash
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Coyote Creek


Oh look, another majestic desert view.

Round about here is where the trail started getting tough. In reality, I possessed the skill to navigate such terrain. However, the Jeep Liberty I was driving lacked proper ground clearance.

Sometimes, even the knowledge that one took out extra coverage on one's rental vehicle is not enough to instigate the stupidity that is slowly being suppressed by the repeated crunching and knocking sounds being emitted by the underside of said vehicle. So I parked and began hiking.

See me in all my dorky splendor. Yes, the hat looks goofy. Yes the staff seems kind of yuppie-excessive. And I'm pretty sure yellow isn't my best color. (If these were the only things separating me from being cool, I might be concerned.) That said, I am definitely functional. And not a piece of gear being carried would have been best stored in the truck.

No, these aren't left-over pictures from Virginia. All of this can be found in the middle of the desert.

Although I probably missed the main desert bloom by two or three weeks, there was still an incredible amount of color. The desert floor was littered with Little Yellow Flowers, and Little Purple Flowers. Some of the larger plants sported Little Red Flowers and Little Pink Flowers. And of course, there were Little White Flowers and Little Blue Flowers.

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