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04/08  Fish Creek Wash
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Fish Creek Wash


Anybody up for a little Pod Racing?

The Coyote Creek jeep trail being an exception, most of the trails in Anza-Borrego simply follow the groomed washes between massive canyons for miles on end. The beautiful thing about these wash-roads is that they basically self-maintain themselves. For the most part, they're perfectly level, dry, river beds with steep walls. The only thing to watch out for are the many rocks which seek to destroy your suspension.

Not only is the Jeep Liberty a little bit of a gas hog, excessive jeep trail driving tends to a little on the non-economical side. No problem. There's always plenty of gas in Borrego Springs, located in the center of the park.

Interestingly enough, another day later the price had fallen to a rock-bottom bargain of $2.19 / gallon. Because I hadn't been listening to the radio at all, this was my only real indication that the war was going in our favor.

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