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04/08  Fish Creek Wash
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Ascending Whale Peak


This short trip was probably the highlight of my irresponsible, unnecessary risk taking for this particular vacation -- and there weren't even any close-calls (that part was sort of disappointing). Probably just as well; had anything happened, somebody may have noticed my truck the following weekend (even though it was parked on an "official" trail.). Maybe sometime after that people may have begun to notice that that Jeep is still parked there, at which point somebody probably would have made an attempt to find me. Fat chance of that. For I had, using techniques, that while certainly not pioneered by myself, are definitely within grasp of self-mastering, attempted to ascend to Whale Peak by not following a single marked trail. This is known as being sort-of-lost.

A desert meadow at 5000 feet.

For anybody interested, the canister is what's known as a "geocache". Basically, people hide these things all over the country / world. Once hidden, they enter the cache's exact GPS coordinates at the website www.geocaching.com. Then other people try to find these caches. Unimpressively, I just stumbled across it -- something that would never had happened had I been following an actual trail, mind you.

If you try to pick out the highest point on this mountain, that's where I was standing. All in all, it was only a 2000 foot climb.


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