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17 Palms Oasis


Technically, there are 20 of them now.

The actual oasis consists of a small hole in the ground about the size of a head of lettuce with water in it. For whatever reason, I failed to take a picture.

It seems to me that a good photographer can achieve his best results at dusk or dawn. Based on this, I can deduct two things: 1. I am not a good photographer. And 2. I'm probably just wrong.

Either way, while trying (hoping) to get a great shot of the oasis (I'd call this an okay shot), a curious thing happened. While crouched down on a ridge of rock, waiting, a flock of crows flew past at about 200 yards. Maybe because they were hoping I was dead, or maybe because they wanted to see something other than an interesting geological feature, one by one, each of the dozen and a half crows broke formation, circled me, and rejoined the flock. Afterward I decided that should such an incident again occur, I would fain death in hope of luring the crows in even closer.

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