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Carrizo Creek - Where the critters are


After three days of looking at yet another geological wonder, I eventually headed to the park's Visitor Center and asked where I could see more critters. I was directed to Carrizo Creek, on the south side of the park. All in all, I didn't see too many critters, but I sure did see a lot of tracks.

There were critter tracks after I left the cans sitting over night.

This is about where I got lost again. I always get lost. Either way, it makes for a more interesting tour, because when you get to the actual destination, it's always easy to follow the trail back. What you see off to the left here is what appears to be a trail that somebody hacked out. I followed it for a while, on my hands and knees, until I discovered the location where the person gave up and turned around.

Without a trail, it is impossible to fight through this brush. I ended up walking all the way around the edge of the greenery.

Like so many other spring-fed creeks in the desert, this one starts out with a fair flow of water, but is inhaled by the desert within a couple dozen yards. In fact, Carrizo Creek itself is the only flowing water that I didn't walk to the end of.

This was once the location of a stage coach station.

Now this is what I call a critter. I have since learned that this particular scorpion has a sting that "is not medically significant." Finding this creature was the highlight of my day.

another quiet campsite

critter tracks

coyote tracks

snake crossing

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