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The Badlands


The continuing chronicles of Steven's truck. As it turns out, all of that loud knocking really wasn't a good sign. Two-and-a-half days and a whole bucket of Steven's money later, we departed. Quote Steven: "I guess that's why the Air Force gives you money to move."

Leaving the non-stop excitement of Central South Dakota was a sad experience. It felt like there was so much more to see than what we had covered in our brief stay. Another three days longer and we could have been experts on at least two hundred square miles of grassland. But there was a schedule to keep.

The Tahoe, now happy to be getting 17 mpg instead of only 12.

We finally make it "West." And you finally get to see pictures of something you might vaguely be interested in. Welcome to The Badlands!

Okay. Enough of the Badlands. It really all looks the same after the first mile. Next stop: Wall Drug. If you haven't heard of it, look it up on Google.










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