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Goodbye South Dakota


Here we are in Bear Country USA. I took a bunch of pictures. Only one's worth showing, because it's basically a zoo that you drive through where the animals know their place in the revenue stream. You're not supposed to roll down your windows. I must admit, several times I found my self rolling them up real fast, because there were park workers stationed at various points who would yell at you if you didn't.

Ah, the Black Hills. I read there's gold here. Well, either it's real hard to find, or I'm an utter looser at discovering it. But pan I did. I'd been waiting years to pan for gold. However, our schedule only allowed for a few hours. Maybe next time.

It's hard to see, but that's our camp next to that cow. Steven was not impressed.

Sturgis, South Dakota. Apparently, there was some sort of Harley thing going on. 100 Year Anniversary and all that. We saw a few bikes.

This is my why- can't- those- stupid- motorcycles- stop- slowing- down- in- front- of- me- while- going- down- this- mountain- don't- they- know- this- truck- can't- stop- as- fast- as- they- can face.


It's basically desert here, but somehow we managed to find a tract of land set aside specifically for mosquito breeding.















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