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Goodbye, Key West


Boca Chica (N24.59, W81.7)What a day! (Really, what a two days!) I decided to make camp early. At the first place I attempted to camp, all the sites were used up. It turns out it was some sort of homeless colony on this little key. There are a pile of those guys in Key West. And they all look the same: Skinny, dark tan, long bleached hair, sun-baked skin, on a bicycle that was probably stolen from one of the resorts.

I kept heading east. A few miles later I found a nice spot in a pine grove. I couldn't find any sign of homeless people. And somebody not too far away is target shooting.

So I'm lying in my hammock typing this. A pair of shorts comprises my entire outfit and I'm still sweating.

I've got so many things to report; I guess I'll just blurb them out as they come to me.

Key West really does have chickens all over the place.

Apparently (as described by a local), all the lesbians own miniature dobermans or datsons. This little piece of information came out of nowhere.

To get your picture taken next to the Most Southern Point, you have to get in line and trade cameras with the other thousand tourists.

Nobody wears a hat here--except me. I've got a forty pound pack on my back and I'm drenched in sweat, but I swear that the thing that makes me stand out is my hat.

Uncle Charles will be pleased to know that the army duffle bag was scooped up from it's perch next to the garbage within about 45 seconds.

Brown probably already knows that Key West is the Motor Scooter Capital of the World (not officially).

I stepped on my glasses and broke the frame. I think I can fix it if I can find some fishing string. Otherwise, no glasses for a while.

I accidentally dumped a bunch of water this afternoon, and now I'm really thirsty. Don't worry, I still have some, but I'm saving it.

Hiking down Highway 1 stinks. I guess I read that about a dozen times, but I just had to find out for myself.

I'm so tired I can't hardly type this. If you ever plan to fly into Key West and hike back out, bring no food. There are plenty of places to get it along the way. That way, your pack stays lighter when you're first starting. I only hiked about 12 miles, but a convergence of heat, sleep deprivation and improper physical conditioning has done me in.

Let's see what tomorrow brings!

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