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Live and learn


Nearing Saddleback KeysIt turns out that campsite I picked wasn't so great. Just before I was ready to fall asleep, I heard some rustling. I got a look at somebody sneaking around the camp. As soon as they saw what was going on, they sneak-sneaked away.

It could have been a hunter or those target shooters or somebody out for a walk, but after a little consideration, I decided I didn't want to take a chance at meeting them again. So I quickly and quietly packed up camp.

While sneaking away, myself, the batteries to my headlamp popped out into the darkness, leaving me with no light.

I moved about a quarter mile further away from the road and found a new place. Setting up a hammock is near impossible in the dark (score 1 for tents), so I just laid my sleeping bag out over some pine needles (comfortable, really) and tried to get some sleep hidden away from prying eyes.

Without the cooling effect of the hammock, some hours later I found myself laying on top of my sleeping bag, soaked in deet, wearing a mosquito head net, hot, very thirsty, and miserable. I also had rolled over onto a spider, which bit me on the arm. Storms had rolled around me all night, but not one dropped any hoped-for rain on me.

I ended up hitting the road around 4 AM, which was actually pretty nice.

So I haven't had a good night's sleep in like three nights. Tonight I may be sleeping with Katrina. If I'm not able to find a hotel, that will be interesting.

By the time I finish this trip, I'll be tougher than nails.

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