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Wade to breakfast


Big Pine KeyThe Keys are made completely out of limestone. That means that they're pretty tough. The trees and plants are also remarkably resilient.

I walked over to Coco's Kitchen for breakfast. Many of the streets are flooded, but there are very very FEW trees or even branches down. Back in Wisconsin, a storm like this would have ripped down every tree in sight.

While walking back to the motel, the wind was blowing so hard I could barely move forward.

I'm told that normally the Keys are evacuated at the threat of a Category 1 hurricane. However, nobody expected Katrina to come this direction, and, more importantly, because of Katrina's direction, there is no place to evacuate to.

BTW, quote from the radio: "High of eighty-seven degrees. Nice cool day for ya." Also, from our robot friends at NOAA: "Chance of rain one-hundred percent."

I have to admit that this is pretty cool. But I'm glad I'm not camping someplace. I can't wait to hit the road again tomorrow.

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