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Bahia Honda State ParkI read someplace that Bahia (Ba-HE-ah) Honda has the second nicest beaches in the country. The beach *is* nice in a natural sort of way, but not quite "second in the country" nice. This leads me to believe that I read the brochure wrong and it said second in the "county." OR maybe the criteria being used to classify niceness were different than I'm used to (for instant, maybe Bahia has the second nicest Queen Conch shells in the country). OR maybe Katrina really hated this beach and irradiated is niceness over the last couple of days (ample evidence in favor of this theory).

There's a good stiff wind blowing out of the south. I'm walking east. On the bridges with my pack on I get pushed all over the place--kind of like a big RV.

I met a guy here named Jaun (doing the family-camping thing). He's hiked stretches of the Florida Trail as well as Ultralight hiked parts of the Appalachian Trail. I was able to extract much helpful advice from him. I've already been thinking that my pack is way too heavy. After talking to Juan, I feel like Doctor Livingston (or the guy who was looking for him--I never actually saw that movie, so I probably hosed a perfectly good pop-culture reference). So far I've used just about everything in my pack (except for the water filter; can't filter salt water), so it will be a continuing challenge figuring out what to drop.

Well, I'm going to camp here tonight all unofficial-like because official-like camping costs $30 and puts me around a bunch of other people. Until I get out of the Keys, I'm going to focus on stealth camping. This means ground-level under a brown tarp instead of a hammock or tent.

Tomorrow I tackle the seven-mile bridge and Marathon. I expect it to be a high-mileage day.

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