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Stealth Camping II


Past Marathon (24.779 N, 80.9174 W), about mile 61.Last night went well. I found a much secluded little patch of ground way back among the shrubs and palm trees. I got ready for sleep while lizards and crabs skitted about.

Then it rained. And it rained again. Hard. I was somewhat prepared, but was clumsy. I got much wet. And I forgot about my shoes and they got wet.

The wet shoes turned out not to be a problem as I ended up stepping into water anyway (in a stupid, useless move I won't go into) while trekking back to the highway, leaving me with wet shoes AND socks and seven miles of non-stop walking. I think that contributed greatly to the blisters I finally developed today.

I crossed Seven-Mile Bridge. That's a long bridge when you're bipedal. Most of the rest of the day was spent traversing Marathon.

I have noticed that folks down here don't care for the casual greetings when you pass them. Or maybe they just don't want to exchange casual greetings with the homeless freak.

Saw new critters: A wild iguana, pelicans (first time, oddly enough), and lots and lots of land crabs. They're everywhere. Sometimes they move in groups, so it looks like a little crab train.

After a few days I find that you start getting used to the heat and humidity. All you have to do is come to terms with the fact that from sun-up until sun-down, your entire body will be lubricated by SPF laced sweat with a touch of deet. Oh, and the smell! You will consume at least a gallon and a half of water. Key water doesn't taste too bad. But, really, when you're thirsty, it just doesn't matter. I did drink some bad water last night. I didn't make me sick, but did cause me to belch up an aroma of rotten eggs. Normally when I drink water like that, the sensation last several days, but it seems I had it flushed through my system before noon.

By and by I figured I needed to find a place to camp. I decided to try something new: hide in plain sight. So I waited until dark and set my hammock up in some mangroves between the highway and the water right next to a fishing pier. (If you zoom in on the coordinates above with Google Earth you should be able to see the place.) Because everybody will have headlight tunnel-vision at night, I can't be seen unless somebody deliberately turns their car in my direction. Also, it's very cool here (temperature-wise), and I figured the mosquitoes would be nonexistent.

Of course, when it came time to set up, two semi-trucks stopped right next to me. What are the chances of that? I sat and waited for them to check whatever they were checking while hordes of mosquitoes feasted on me.

Altogether, I hiked 23 miles today.

BTW, I was able to fix my glasses using duct tape.

Tomorrow: more of the same.

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