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Walk a hundred miles in my shoes


Key Largo (25.146 N, 80.393 W), mile marker 104Today it was hot. And humid. And sunny. And boring. And the mosquitoes are getting worse. But I'm not complaining. I chose this.

There isn't much to report. I walked 20 miles, passing up mile marker 100. I desired to walk a few more miles, but my feet thought otherwise.

I'm currently camping in a mosquito infested forest where the small trees are so close together, it took me 20 minutes to find a place to hang my hammock. There are small trails criss-crossing the woods which I surmise were created by wild pigs.

I'm also practicing for more serious mosquito habitat by bringing everything into my hammock with me and not exiting until morning. This was a lot easier when I was using a tent.

It appears that I'll arrive in Florida City on Thursday. I was hoping to stay in a cheap hotel for a couple of days, but after listening to the news, I wonder if that will be possible? Apparently, there are a lot of people in that area and in Miami who still have flooding and no electricity because of Katrina. Some of those people are undoubtedly in hotels.

Critters: Saw a long, skinny, black snake (can't identify it because I sent my field guide home). Got bit by fire ants (I AM truly in the South now). Chased a big iguana (the wild ones look so much cooler than their tame brothers).

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