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Goodbye, Keys


10 miles South of Florida City on Card Sound RoadThe dogs barked, then howled, then whimpered. Now they're about to go on strike. I've got ten more miles until I reach the hotel strip in Florida City. I think I can get at least that much out of them. Then a couple of days of rest should do them good.

Leaving Key Largo this morning, I headed East on Card Sound Road rather than follow Highway 1 North. Other than the feet thing, it was a fairly pleasant walk. It wasn't too hot, and I had just enough water (once you leave the Circle K in Key Largo and pass a few houses, you can't steal a drop of water until the toll booth, some 15 miles later). Passing over the big bridge officially exited me from the Florida Keys. Perhaps I'll return one day.

I ate dinner at Alabama Jack's, which also is near the toll booth. North of there, I walked past a bunch of fishing "shacks." Each shack had a big boat moored next to it. In many cases, you could tell the boats were also homes. Other than the boats, the only things that distinguished these shacks from similar ones I've seen outside of Key West and in Chicago: There was an air of employment, and some had air conditioning.

I AM now camped (probably illegally) next to a radio tower and satellite dishes.

Everybody I talked to (okay, not really a large number) said the mosquitoes here would be horrible. They are bad, but nothing like the marauding black clouds of blood-sucking death I was expecting. Of course I'm covered with enough DEET (thank God for DEET!) to put a small animal into shock.

Today, the only critter of interest was a giant spider (can't remember actual name). It's about half the size of your hand. There are a lot of these spiders, and they make huge webs, which must be employed to snare small birds. Several times I hit these webs. Getting them off was like trying to remove sticky fishing string.

Tomorrow: hike into town, find a cheap hotel and (if I'm lucky) maybe a Chinese buffet.

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