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I AM the minority


Florida CityI arrived in Florida City yesterday. I spent the night at the Fairway Inn. It was on the edge of town where I assume all the tourists stop while en route to Key West. The 10 mile walk into town was fine if you're into dump trucks. There was a constant stream of them on that little road.

This morning, I hiked North all of a mile to another motel in a much more colorful part of town. I normally would have kept moving down the road, except that this motel is very near the Post Office and the Library. (The Post Office so I can send more non-essentials home, and the Library so I could try getting pictures off my camera.)

Along the way, I stopped at Wal-Mart to load up on supplies for the next leg of the journey. These included a bed sheet to replace my sleeping bag (because it's that warm down here) and an oversized dress shirt that will be treated with permethrin, a very lethal and long-lasting insect repellent.

The closest thing I've seen to another WASP since entering the Homestead area was a family in Wal-Mart, who, judging by the little boy's ability to pronounce "space" as a three-syllable word, must be from Georgia or Kentucky. Anyway, it's something I'm not used to. But I assume it's a healthy thing.

Speaking of healthy, my legs and feet could probably use a good week of down time to toughen themselves up. I'm thinking of giving them until Sunday.

When I leave here, I'll have 50 more miles of mind-numbing road walking. Then the real fun starts.

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