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Almost there


Loop Road (about a mile from East end)I saw a sign last night that read "Key West 142 miles." That puts me well over 150 miles. The sad thing is that those miles don't hardly compare to the miles that are left.

I camped most uncomfortably last night on some FCC-owned land (25.76 N, 81.0346 W). Yep, trespassing again. The Tamiami Trail is long, narrow and almost completely void of decent campsites. I can't wait until I can camp legitimately.

Lately, I've had a number of people pull up alongside me. Some ask if I need a ride. One family mustered all their English to ask if "you like a beer?" A local who gave me a peach told me to be mindful of the panthers, because they had killed two people this year.

"Two people around here?!" I asked with some concern.

"No, nationwide. Panthers here are mangy."

I passed the Flight 992 Memorial, but did not want to walk far enough out of my way to appreciate it.

The Tamiami Trail crosses the Miccosukee Reservation. At the restaurant, I ordered a Miccosukee Indian Burger, which I'm sure is only ordered by non-Indians so the Indians can snicker as you try to eat the unwieldy meal.

Critters: Birds of all makes, otters, frogs, lizards galore, tons of vultures. Saw snakes last night while entering and exiting camp (both at night). I've seen just as many, if not more, dead alligators as live ones. There are these grasshoppers here (or maybe they're crickets) as big as your thumb.

I AM now camped a dozen yards from Loop Road along a stretch dominated by middle-upper class and AM surrounded by several very noisy owls. Finding dry land is hard here. In fact, my hammock is partially hanging over muck.

Tomorrow, I should finally arrive at the Florida Trail.

the Tamiami Canal

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