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To the Horizon and Beyond!


Florida Trail Mile 72, L-3 Canal (26.387 N, 82.930 W)Look ahead. To the horizon is a dirt road atop a small levy bordering a canal. Look behind. To the horizon is a dirt road atop a small levy bordering a canal. This is what makes Florida a little tiresome sometimes. Even straight roads in the desert dip up and down.

After leaving Billie Swamp Safari and walking through the main town of the Seminole Indian Reservation, I wasn't really sure how to regain the trail. So I followed my GPS. It lead me across a cow pasture for a mile, through a canal (yuck), through two miles of orchards, down a mile of overgrown levy that I was sure was to be occupied by one or more rattlesnakes (either I was mistaken, or my practice of stomping the ground with my walking stick really works), and finally to the trail. Obviously, I did not go the correct way.

While filtering water along the dike, I met Officer York of U.S. Fish and Game. He said the only people I was likely to see at night were people up to no good, like alligator poachers. This makes me suspicious as to the plans of the guys in the truck who stopped by later to see what I was up to, because they were driving without lights after dark. They claimed they worked on the pumps, and, indeed, they had keys to the gate, but I wonder.

After 18 miles of walking today, I find myself without trees to hang my hammock. I decided to lay out under the stars. Instead, I'm laying out under a cloud of mosquitoes. The hum of them is like something out of a horror movie. The multitude and variety of mosquitoes is impressive. There are itty bitty mosquitoes, and mosquitoes as big around as a penny. So far, the deet and permethrin and head net and extra clothes is keeping them at bay.

Critters today: More alligators. I think I may stop mentioning them unless I see a really impressive one. Two snakes: one little bug eater, and another, bigger, one who I decided not to mess with. I think these huge mosquitoes should also count as critters (these really are mosquitoes, not those bugs that just look like them).

Tomorrow: To the Horizon!

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