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Just another day.


Mile 132, C-5A lock on the Okeechobee (26.8854 N, 81.12 W)All in all, today was pretty boring. Leaving Clewiston, I walked along the levy that holds back "Lake" Okeechobee. I say "lake" because I haven't yet got a good look at it. Yep, just another day of dikes, canals and sugar cane. I hiked past Moore Haven with its ridiculously large bridge of the canal (perhaps trying to compensate for some other inadequacy?) and managed to put about 20 miles behind me.

I did see some barges clearing dead trees from the canal. There was also a very busy crop duster who constantly reminded me of the chemicals I ingested every time I filtered water from a canal North of the Everglades.

The weather has been nice. I haven't been rained on since leaving the Keys. Though it gets up to 93 or so during the day, there is little humidity (relatively speaking).

I'm now camping at one of the Florida Trail's designated campsites. It's next to the water, and at one point I could count four alligators milling about. They took turns swimming near to the shore to determine if I looked like food and, furthermore, if I looked stupid enough to jump in the water.

Like I said: boring day. I think tomorrow should prove to be more of the same.

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