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The Everglades


For several days, I have been trekking across the Everglades via levies and roads. While not as engrossing as actual trail hiking, the scenic roads (Loop Road and Turner River Road) offer excellent glimpses into the wilderness of the Everglades.

It's flat here. It's about the most horizontal place I've ever been. Major elevation changes consist of three feet, and those are all invisible now, anyway, due to the high water.

The land is broken into prairie and small patches of woods. Often, you can see great distances. There are pine and palm and other shrub-like trees. Wherever there is cypress there is guaranteed to be deeper than average water. One thing about trees here: They don't offer shade. About 1 PM, when the sun is the most grueling, shade cannot be found. Many of the trees' leaves are so thin and sparse that the sunlight shines right on through. Other trees (like palms) will block the sun, but they're low to the ground and embraced by much thick foliage, rendering them unfriendly resting spots.

Critters are constant. During the day, you are never out of sight of many large birds (egrets, storks, hawks, vultures, etc) and insects and lizards. There is often splashing as unseen critters make hasty escape into the canals.

At night, there is always something slashing or splunking or creeping about or growling deep, evil growls or screaming at the top of its lungs. Eventually you grow used to these noises and sleep through the night.

Day and night, the insects are busy with their buzzing and clicking and chirping and other creative sounds.

The days push into the nineties, but there is often a breeze, and the unpredictable clouds sometimes offer relief. At night, the temperature drops into the high seventies. The humidity isn't as bad here as it was in the Keys.

The water is clean and clear (okay, maybe slightly greenish) and good for drinking. I usually filter before drinking, but it probably isn't necessary (if you don't mind little bits of stuff suspended in your drink).

Roads continue arrow-straight into the horizon. That in itself takes some getting used to. While hiking, you may see a large tree or structure but not reach it for an hour or more.

There is one kind of rock here: limestone. It's white. It's hard. It's somewhat porous. And it's everywhere. At any give point in the Everglades, you can stop, dig through the muck with your hands and reach a limestone floor. That's what keeps you from sinking when you hike across the wetlands.

The Everglades are something to see. I recommend visiting and taking advantage of the many tours offered.

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