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Camping With Cows


Route 70, West of the Kissimmee River (27.2375 N, 81.021 W)Once again I AM off the official route. Once again I find myself camping near a busy, noisy road. But to spice things up, tonight I AM camping in a cow pasture. I shall likely be waking throughout the night to check for telltale signs of cows and bulls. This basically includes tongue slobber on my mosquito netting for cows, and being knocked from my hammock and gored and stomped for bulls (just kidding...I hope).

I've left Lake Okeechobee behind and have hiked up the Kissimmee River for about ten miles. I decided to travel West on Route 70 in order to visit a grocery store. After consulting the map, I decided to not return to the official route but to short-circuit it a little. This decision was mostly born of the frustration of having to walk down 70 and not wanting to walk back just to do more road walking.

I'm in redneck territory. Lots of big trucks parked outside of trailer homes. And twice I've had people hurl garbage at me as they drove by.

If all goes well I shall be on actual trails by the end of tomorrow. I AM not hopeful, however, as the guide book warns that that section of the trail could be closed due to river restoration.

I met a guy today who told me that the really big rattlesnakes are ahead of me.

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