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The grass really IS greener on the other side.


Mile 210, Fort Kissimmee campsite (27.584 N, 81.158 W)Here's how it is: The trail North of Hickory Hammock through Bluff Hammock right up to the border of Avon Park Air Force Range sucks. I'm not sure if it is the trail maintainers' fault, but it still sucks. Basically there is the Kissimmee River on the East. There is fenced off ranch land on the West. And the trail tries to follow a little patch of soggy, overgrown, brier ridden, spider happy grass right up the middle. It takes about a hundred yards of this before those "No Trespassing" signs on the ranch fence start looking more and more like suggestions. For the ranch land is oak-canopied, and the grass is conveniently trimmed by the many bovine.

I, for one, will never qualify for an end-to-end patch on this trail. The ranch land is the way to go! Push those cows out of the way and hike in comfort. As long as you keep the fence you have no worries of loosing the trail.

Once past the Avon Park Air Force Range border, the trail improves greatly. For, here, the trail traverses ranch land. The cows do a fair job of maintaining the trails. Heaven knows nobody else does. The trail once again competes for attention with an adjacent truck trail which is both easier to walk and navigate. I confess that I tried to stay on the Florida Trail, but after loosing the trail several times I just followed the truck route into Fort Kissimmee camp.

Anyway, I should stop complaining. It's not like I'm not looking for a challenge. It's just half of what I hiked today can't even be called a "trail." Perhaps they should call it the Florida Suggested-Path-Through-Nasty-Foliage.

I covered about fifteen miles today. Near the end I met up with some hunters who were packing up camp. They were kind enough to offer me some of their left-over food. I made short work of it.

BTW, nothing startles you like you startling unseen cattle in the brush.

My feet are pretty beat up. They spent most of the day wet, and walking the uneven cattle trails brought on several new blisters. I'm considering staying at my current campsite a full extra day. Thanks to the free food I should have just enough supplies to see me through to River Ranch.

Critters: Lots of cows. Tree frogs in the outhouses.

the bridge was a little short

ground rooted up by pigs

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