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Hard day, mentally.


Mile 250, North of Canoe Creek Road (27.940 N, 81.120 W)Maybe it was the lack of sleep last night due to my proximity to a too-noisy highway. Perhaps the torturous trek on a truck-choked Highway 60 in the rain got to me. Could it be that in four weeks of hiking, I have seen maybe four different sceneries (ie, nothing ever changes)? Maybe it's the lack of excitement--the most adrenaline I've used in days was in facing down bulls on somebody's ranch. What about my feet that, though much better, still register pain with every step? Let's not forget about the boredom coupled with a mind that keeps thinking of things to do elsewhere. And, of course, there's the green water that's beginning to get real old and biting insects and funky smells and heavy pack.

Whatever the reason, I came real close to throwing my thumb up and calling it quits today. The main opponent to quitting is the utter lack of a Plan B. One way or another, I still have two months that I want to kill before returning home.

So I started working on a Plan B. I decided to sleep on it.

BTW, the Nikes didn't cut it, so I left them where maybe somebody else will find them.

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