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Plan B


Kissimmee, FL (the city)This morning, for the first time in 27 days, my feet barely hurt when I woke up. I knew then that I was physically able to hike the rest of the way to Pensacola.

Too bad that's not going to happen--not exactly.

Like I say, stick to the plan. Unless there's a good reason not to, then stick to the plan. Well, I listed out half a dozen good reasons not to stick to the plan in my last update, the foremost being that the Florida Trail is for the most part really boring. And so I have devised and begun the execution of Plan B.

Plan B: Get myself a car and drive to the interesting segments of the Florida Trail in order to perform section hikes. And maybe a few additional places afterward.

I figured I could get a car in St. Cloud or Kissimmee, so instead of hiking East this morning to follow the Eastern Loop route of the Florida Trail, I hiked up Route 523 (which is actually part of the Western Loop) toward St. Cloud. Intent on reaching St. Cloud ASAP, I attempted to hitch a ride. I'm used to people waving or nodding as they drive by (or yelling or honking or swerving at me or throwing garbage, etc), but as soon as I threw that thumb up, it was like I was invisible or something. Guess I can't blame them.

So I gave up on thumbing and pounded out probably fifteen miles of pavement through rain (thank you, Rita) and sunburn (you think I'd learn) before Juan and Amanda stopped and offered me a ride. They were driving around looking for a house. "Out here?!" I told my story and explained my plan. Turns out Juan's stepfather worked at an auto dealership in Kissimmee, and he brought me there. Nothing suitable. The neighboring dealership had a slight possibility. I spent the afternoon visiting every dealer on the strip.

As I was returning to the hotel, I walked through a Chevrolet dealership, just to look. I was intent on buying a very cheap vehicle and so didn't expect anything, as big-name dealerships deal in new (not cheap) vehicles. But the professionals are a little more insistent than the "buy here pay here" shops. Long story short, I now own a road trip vehicle: a Hyundai Accent. And I got it for less than blue-book (okay, only about $20 less) AFTER title, taxes, transfer, registration and all the other thousand after-handshake expenses that usually get you. The salesman made sure I was well aware that they would only be making $397 profit.

Another colossal mistake in this roller coaster that has been the last couple months of my life? Stay tuned for more updates. Plan B could get a lot more interesting.

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