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Plan B, Part 2


Three Lakes WMA hunt camp (27.951 N, 81.142 W)For the first time in 28 days, I feel sick. Not gut-wrenching sick. Just nauseous, tired sick. I suppose it's a good thing that I had headed into town for some clean water and a little decent food. Those rings of green stuff growing on my water bottle were probably not a good thing.

The purchase of the Hyundai lengthens. Though I had purchased the vehicle, it still needed to undergo inspection and cleaning before they'd let me have it. This hadn't been done yet because they just brought the car in on a trade-in.

It failed inspection due to a faulty front axle. Bummer. My options: pay for the repair ($960) or keep searching. After some thought I decided that even with the additional cost, the vehicle was probably still worth purchasing.

Next thing I know the sales manager finds another Hyundai that's four years newer and has 30000 less miles on it that he's willing to sell me for the same price as the first Hyundai plus the repair. These guys bent over backwards for me. The sticker on the car was almost double what I paid AFTER title, transfer and taxes. I'm certain I could turn around and sell the car today at a profit. But I shall give it a go.

I'd like to thank Paul, the salesman-in-training for all his hard work and patience and determination to put me in a car at the budget I described. Paul served in the Army for 26 years, has a great personality and (like all army folk) could tell some good stories.

Well, after another hundred signatures or so, I finally drove the car off the lot. It's completely black (including rims) with dark-tinted windows. It's also very small. Hopefully, these features will come in handy. I shall need to do a little rigging, but I should be able to sleep comfortably in the back of the car.

I'm currently camping at an actual campsite ($3 for the night). The day after tomorrow is the opening day of bow season for a number of critters here on the wildlife management area. Barnacle Bob is camped about two hundred yards away in anticipation of tomorrow's hunt (which is actually two days away). In true day-before-the-hunt tradition, Bob is very much intoxicated, but was kind enough to lend me some tent poles and stakes so I could tie down the rain cover of the hammock properly. (Normally, this is done using other trees, but there aren't enough trees here.)

Critters: Actually, none; although Barnacle Bob had his turkey call out trying to lure in a couple.

Tomorrow: Hopefully I will be feeling better. I will likely head back into town to accomplish some tasks (laundry) that didn't happen today due to the elongated car-buying procedure and having so little energy.

All in all, sort of an adventureless couple of days. I shall strive to make up for it later.

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