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Seminole State Forest


Seminole State Forest, just north of Orlando (28.825 N, 81.422 W)I slept okay last night, but could have used more padding. So I stopped off at an estate sale this morning and bought one of those huge old-time sleeping bags. I suspect that will provide padding enough.

In my head, I've begun referring to my 2001 Hyundai Accent as Medo due to some labels inside the car marked, "MEDO." Well, Medo got a good fender dent today. I was pulling out of a gas station when suddenly the truck pulling out in front of me jumps in reverse and backs right into me. It was some old guy who couldn't see me. It's true that the sun was right behind him and Medo is very small. I snapped some pictures and took down his insurance info, but I doubt I'll fix it. I have a feeling that by the time this trip is finished Medo will see worse.

I AM starting to understand that when driving a little car you must be much more careful than in a truck. People just don't respect you. And with all of those tinted windows, I suspect people think I'm a punk or thug and act accordingly.

Anyway, as I was approaching the Seminole State Forest I spotted the orange blazes that mark the Florida Trail on electric poles along route 44. I thought to myself, "Another grueling road walk. Well, not for me. I regret nothing!"

I'll tell you something: Hiking is a pleasure when you don't have thirty-plus pounds strapped to your back. I've loaded up a day-pack with all of the valuables that shouldn't be left in the car and AM hiking the length of this State Forest and back along the Florida Trail.

The southern end of the trail is basically same-old, same-old. But the Northern half cuts through dense forest and prairie bordering small lakes and is quite scenic. Also on the Northern end is elevation change. While I can't claim to be walking up or down hills, there is definite contour to the geography.

From here North is supposed to be black bear habitat. (There are also black bears in the Everglades. I saw a track once.) There are signs on the road warning of bear crossings. I wonder if I'll get to see one?

The woods are full of hunters today. In fact, every trail is off-limits to hiking save the Florida Trail, a condition that I was immediately reminded of when I once lost the trail and was walking down the main vehicle trail.

Critters: Turkeys and Sandhill Cranes, both of which are becoming less and less of a novelty with each passing day.

BTW, can you believe I've been in Florida for an entire month now?

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