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No Place To Hide


Just off Highway 29, Nebraska (42.131 N, 103.817 W)To start off the day, I rinsed out my socks in the cool waters of the Colorado River. Sometime later feeling returned to my hands.

I spent some time driving along the river enjoying one awe-inspiring vista after another. Such is Colorado. Eventually I made my way to Rocky Mountain National Park. Most of this park is basically like the rest of the Colorado mountains, but there's a section of the road that climbs up to 12000 feet for a few miles. That right there is worth seeing. They say that sometimes the wind blows near 150 mph up there above the tree line. That's about the same as a class 4 or 5 hurricane. I'm not sure how hard it was blowing today, but sometimes when I got out of the car I'd have to lean into the wind to take pictures. This is a bit unnerving when the wind you're leaning into is coming up over a giant ledge.

In the lower elevations of the park I managed to spot a bull elk ghosting its way through the forest. I missed out on seeing a bighorn, but later in the day I did pass a sheep ranch--the aroma was not pleasant (this from a guy who hasn't taken a real shower in two weeks).

I left the mountains and traveled East through Loveland and then out into the Colorado grasslands. Deciding I would stop early for the day, I got off the main roads and started heading North on county roads (gravel) hoping to find a nice secluded place out in the grasslands to stop. I passed grass and corn and sunflowers and beans and windmills and cows and horses and pronghorn and pheasants and more of all of the same, and was startled by several tumbleweeds jumping in front of me. But no matter where I drove there was always a ranch house within view. Always. Without fail. Sometimes they would be miles off, but I just knew some old lady would be sitting by her window and see a little black car scooting its way out into the fields. So I would keep on going.

Eventually I ended up in Nebraska (which is okay, because I was headed there anyway). I drove past Scotts Bluff National Monument, which is just a straggler of the Badlands. And four hours after my search began the sun set without me yet finding a decent place to park. Parking is easier at night, so I pulled just off the road and prepared to get some sleep. But every passing car's lights shown on me, so I decided I would open up a pasture gate and get farther off the road. A little ways down the truck trail, the going seemed a little rough, and I attempted to turn around. And I got stuck real good.

But all was not lost. Using my car jack and the 2x6s that form my cot I devised a plan to get unstuck. Unfortunately, I could not locate the handle for the jack. About that time the land's owner showed up.

Instead of continuing with the jack plan, we used the tow rope I had purchased for exactly such an eventuality. His big truck yanked Medo right out of the jam. He was actually pretty cool about my predicament and brought me to a place a mile down the road that's on top of a hill.

The forecast calls for snow tonight. And it is windy up here on this hill! The car hasn't stopped shaking since I parked.

Anyway, it's been a long day and I'm tired.

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