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Without Incident


Same place as night before last: near Silver City, South Dakota (44.114 N, 103.571 W)I veged in the hotel as long as possible to avoid the cold morning.

Then I hiked up along Rapid Creek just inside of the Black Hills National Forest boundary. Very scenic, especially if you like ponderosa pine and granite and deep, narrow valleys. While hiking back to the car I met a guy working on the road. He informed me that yesterday a man shot a 141 pound lion right where I had hiked through today. The news said that mountain lions around here sleep on porches and get hit by cars, but it didn't say anything about them eating people. Maybe it's just those California lions, California being so liberal and all.

From there I stopped by two closed restaurants hoping for a burger, drove down to Silver City to survey my hiking plans for tomorrow, and then I returned to this parking spot to spend the night.

No drama. No stories. And I didn't do anything unusually stupid.

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