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Whole Lot of Critters


Near Ocotillo, California (32.801 N, 115.891 W)Wow, it's starting to get dark early! I don't think I like it much.

I spent today at the world famous San Diego Zoo. I've seen bigger zoos with more animals, but I've never seen a zoo quite so...natural. Each exhibit is tailored to the critter in question, right down to the little snake displays. The amount of plant life maintained is phenomenal. The zoo mostly displays endangered animals. For instance, elk were NOT there.

San Diego receives all of eight inches of rain a year. So of course it rained much of the day.

From San Diego I drove East on I8 and AM now parked out in the desert in the Plaster City West Staging Area (which I believe is a Vehicular Recreation Area) under a bright orange moon. It's warm here, and moths keep flying in the car as I type this update. As long as it doesn't rain too hard tonight, I should be able to make it back to the road. "Medo is not a jeep. Medo is not a jeep."

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