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East of Benson, Arizona (31.954 N, 110.166 W)I started off the day playing around at the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area in the far Southeast corner of California. Hiking into the dunes a little ways, I realized that this was the first time I'd ever been in real sand dunes in a real desert.

Because I had parked next to a railroad, I placed some coins on the track before going on my hike. Trains squish coins real good.

I continued East on I8 through an immigration checkpoint. I was let through with just a glance, but I saw that two other guys were having their van searched. I think they were being wrongly profiled. Sure, one had long stringy black hair and the other a blond spike rising a foot above his head, but neither looked Mexican.

Near Tucson, I stopped at the Western Saguaro National Park and hiked a few miles through the cacti. I came across a really cool looking grasshopper and later saw a tarantula.

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