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Sumpter National Forest


I know what you're thinking: It's about freakin' time. How many years has it been?

So I left Wisconsin yesterday in a rental car and ended up in Greensville, South Carolina this morning. I unloaded my bike, turned in the car, and hit the road.

I was a little apprehensive about starting my trip in Greensville as it was by and large an arbitrary location. But a pleasant surprise awaited me. The weather was nice (70s!). The route, though mostly flowing hills, trended toward downhill. A light tail wind pushed me along.

And the people here are very kind. Folks in cars gave me plenty of space. Just about everybody outside waved and said hello. The kids are even well behaved. One called off a german shepherd that was chasing me. Another, after being instructed by his father to flip me the bird, did exactly that with no hesitation.

There is no green grass here yet, and none of the trees have leaves on them. Oddly enough there are mosquitoes. Even so, it's definitely an upgrade from the snow snow snow I experienced all winter in New York and Wisconsin.

As I peddled my way through South Carolina I was struck by the multitude of derelict and abandoned houses. Eventually it occurred to me that I should take a picture of one. Not too much later a beautiful specimen appeared. Very derelict and very abandoned. But just as I was about to stop and snap off a few pictures I realized, no, that house is occupied. My mistake.

I doubt if I even covered fifty miles today. But that's okay. I'm totally weak and should take it slow. I know I went at least slow enough for a big black dog to run along side for better than two miles.

I set up camp in Sumter National Forest. Route maps are coming.

I intend to sleep good tonight.

In Sumter National Forest

Local Architecture

Abandoned House

Run black dog run

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