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02/16  Whooeee yaa ha ha ha ha c'mon gul
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02/17  Isle of Palms
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Through Columbia, South Carolina


Note: It appears that I am in a dead zone. I apologize for the late delivery of this update.

Ah, more South Carolina back roads. Not too much traffic. Easy cruising. What's this, a dirt road? Those are nice too. Hmm, this dirt is getting hard to peddle in. Arhg, almost wiped out. I'll push the bike a little. Okay, solid again; let's ride. Dang, another close call. Who makes roads out of sand?!

I actually came across a number of other bikers today. Two women were out training for a long-distance ride. They warned me about the "sugar sand" roads, but would I listen? Also saw a racer out and about and a bunch of commuters.

There was a spot on the map marked as Shealys Pond which apparently provides habitat for a multitude of carnivorous plants. Seems that even eating meat can't keep a plant alive in the winter.

Geography conspired against me, forcing a route through the city of Columbia. As far as cities go Columbia sucks less. I'm sure it could present many redeeming qualities if I gave it a chance, but I will say this: there were bike lanes, and Knox Abbott Drive strikes me as the coolest street name ever (or at least so far this trip).

But now the hills are behind me and long stretches of wetlands are ahead. Unless I'm wrong. Or get lost.

After escaping Columbia I managed to find a poor camp site on the edge of Congaree Swamp. There are many critter noises here. Many bird calls. Dogs barking. Owls asking about cooking. As I was setting up my hammock I think I even heard the howling of teenagers.

Wait, do swamps count as wetlands?

Speaking of hammocks: After experiencing frustration with a knot that had served me well in the past but suddenly started slipping I found a new knot that allows me to more easily place the hammock higher in the trees. It works a little too good. I literally had to jump into bed tonight.

road kill

''sugar sand'' road

Shealys Pond

Columbia South Carolina

Congaree Swamp National Monument

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