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02/08  Sumpter National Forest
02/09  Newberry, South Carolina, Sir
02/10  Brute force; then optimize
02/11  Ninety Six
02/12  Aiken, SC
02/13  Through Columbia, South Carolina
02/14  It's not so much the cold but the gosh dern humidity
02/15  Whooeee yaa ha ha ha ha c'mon gul
02/16  Isle of Palms
02/16  Whooeee yaa ha ha ha ha c'mon gul
02/17  Another day at the office
02/17  Isle of Palms
02/18  Another day at the office
02/18  Gear, part 1
02/20  Cold day colder night
02/21  Truly in "The South"
02/22  Rain, wind and hills
02/23  Gear, part 2
02/25  I lost my pants
02/27  Eighty-mile week
02/28  Montezuma
03/01  Snow day
03/02  Calico cats and pumpkins
03/03  Ashburn
03/04  Mosquitoes!
03/05  So what's up with those shoes?
03/06  Would you like rotten bacon with that?
03/07  Claim your lane
03/09  I talk a lot
03/10  Ocala National Forest
03/13  Trespassing Again
03/14  Burned
03/16  urban jungle
03/17  Withdrawal
03/19  Ping, clack, tink be gone
03/20  Everglades National Park
03/21  I walked this?
03/22  "Just like a plane."
03/23  Technical difficulties
03/26  Nothing is simple
03/27  Oranges for miles and miles
03/28  First Century
03/29  Withlacoochee I barely knew you
03/30  Cedar Key
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04/08  Still in Cedar Key
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04/11  Stop poking me
04/12  Back roads rule
04/15  What time is it?
04/16  Another day in AlaBAMa
04/17  All you guys look the same to me
04/18  (pictures)
04/19  Feedback
04/22  Wanna see our shrimp?
04/23  What goes down must go up
04/24  One of these customers is not like the others
04/25  Have a safe ride
04/26  Broad shoulders
04/29  Observe that the tower is closed
05/02  Rain rain don't bother going away now
05/03  Water water everywhere and I'm not even thirsty
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Gear, part 2


Another work day, so I will expand on my hardware collection a bit more.

My primary means of communication is a BlackBerry Bold. There are many reviews on the web proclaiming the superiority of this device, so look them up. I find it a bit small, though, so I have built a custom palm grip. This allows me to much more easily grasp the BlackBerry while thumb-typing.

All of the pictures I send out are taken by a Pentax Optio S12. This camera isn't necessarily better than the million or so competitors out there. But it has two significant pros: First, its memory card is compatible with the Bold, allowing picture swapping. Second, this model was one of the very last point-and-clicks to succumb to the camera industry's conspiracy of remote control eradication. If you can find this camera used, you can get yourself a cheap camera with a remote. Otherwise be prepared to spend $500+ on a big SLR.

I will point out that if you are getting these updates via email, you are not getting them straight from my BlackBerry. The emails first get sent to my web server where they are then parsed, formatted and sent out to you. I'm a geek so I have to do it the complicated way.

Also, the pictures on the website are almost always scaled down (even the big ones). If you just gotta have a full-quality version of one of my photographic works just let me know.

Also, even if the email doesn't come directly from me, you can still reply to it with your rants, criticisms and suggestions of where I can go with myself.

BlackBerry Bold

Pentax Optio S12

contact me at le@liverworks.com
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