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02/16  Whooeee yaa ha ha ha ha c'mon gul
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02/17  Isle of Palms
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I walked this?


My morals continue to spiral. A portion of my breakfast was a stolen tomato. It tasted so good. Seeing how the tomato fields stretched about as far as I could see, it shouldn't be missed.

After leaving the Everglades this morning it was another twenty-five miles (Google maps saved me some miles by directing my down off-limits gravel roads through protected habitat) before I actually reached the Keys. Then it was another sixteen miles before I saw the ocean again.

Most of the keys have pretty good bike paths, just like further up the coast. One big difference is the size of the skittering lizards. They can be a foot and a half or more here.

I had an almost perfect tail wind which caused me to just chew up the miles. But as I cruised along I couldn't help but think to myself: I walked all of this? What was I thinking? I found many locations that I remembered from my last trip here. And I remember being tired and sore at every one.

I had one close encounter today with a car. A police car. Sheriff actually. I'm pretty sure I had the right-of-way (I was going straight and he was turning), but he did his best to convince me otherwise through use of a menacing glare.

I didn't do a very good job of applying sunscreen this morning. I missed a spot on my left shoulder. Looks like I have a rash. And it burns.

There seems to be a booming business in t-shirts--3 for $10. I guess that is all you can afford by the time you've paid for food, gas, and lodging in this place.

I managed to get to mile marker 39. Key Largo starts at around MM 118. I should make it to Key West pretty early tomorrow.

On the off chance that rates might be reasonable I stopped at a motel. After hearing the rates, I commented that I'd be camping after all. The helpful clerk proceeded to outline my options for "camp sites". He obviously has not read my blog. I did manage to find a very hidden (I hope) spot just off the road in some low trees. I got my hammock set up just before it started raining. Unfortunately I must be close to a tidal flat, because it smells pretty bad.

you shall not pass

first glimps of The Gulf

just hanging out


sunset from the seven mile bridge

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