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02/16  Whooeee yaa ha ha ha ha c'mon gul
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02/17  Isle of Palms
02/18  Another day at the office
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But it's a dry heat


The attendants on the train all appear to be really cranky. It turns out this is just self-defense and they are trained to act this way. If they were too nice to people, all of the crazies riding the train for days on end would latch onto them and drive them nuts.

We finally made it into Union Station in LA. After a little trouble finding my bike and a few hours of waiting I found myself on the Metrolink 91 back out of LA. The
Graffiti along this route is something to behold. It spanned buildings, walls and drainage sides for miles. Some if it was really well done.

I departed the Metrolink in Corona and made my way south. Funny thing here: when you spill water on the ground, it dries up right away.

I spent the afternoon biking between mountains. However, my route was almost completely flat or downhill. It felt like I was cheating. The wind was quirky. It often changed direction and speed seemingly at random. It would hold for a while and then change again.

And it was hot. At one point I thought to myself, it seems to be cooling off! Then I biked past a bank and the ticker read 97 degrees.

I stopped at a convenience store and purchased some gatorade. I asked the cashier where I could fill up my water bottle. No water. "You have no place I can fill this up?" I was incredulous. "What about a bathroom?" He responded, "we don't do bathrooms." Seems there must be a health code violation in there someplace.

I ended the day in Temecula where I will once again spend a bunch of days working.

windmill farm

hot and dry

real mountains

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