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05/14  It's peanut butter jelly time
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Military Ridge


I crawled out of my cold tent to the gobbling of turkeys. Rested up, it was time to hit the trail again.

I continued north on the Badger Trail until about Paoli. From there I took back roads into Verona where I gained access to the Military Ridge trail.

Military Ridge is another good trail, especially if you like birds. The trail knifes across wetlands before slowly angling up into the "mounds".

I debated touring Cave of the Mounds. I've been there a few times in the past. But when the Military Ridge trail reached the cave's proximity there was no off-ramp. Just trees and trees and trees. Made my decision easier.

Lunch was served at The Buzz Inn in Barneveld. I ordered their signature burger. The waitress must have then called a local farmer who raised up a steer and butchered it before shipping the meat back via pack mule to be cooked over a bic lighter. It tasted good, but after the wait a dead skunk would have tasted good.

Eventually I left the trail behind and took roads north into Spring Green. This was mostly downhill. By this point I'd done about 50 miles in 8 hours. Yes, pitiful, but it gets worse: once in Spring Green I took one look at the hills leading up and away from the river bottom and thought, "no."

So I'm in a hotel. I might be here for a couple of days because I need to be able to work Monday and unless I short-circuit my route I doubt if I can make it to another hotel before then. Besides, there are some things to see here.

wetlands goose

a Mt Horeb troll

chasing a turkey down the Military Ridge trail

dropping toward the Wisconsin River

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