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The sneaky hills


Work and a wretched internet connection kept me in my hotel until almost 10:30.

I set out immediately from Reedsburg on the "400" trail. This is another dedicated bicycle trail that I think surpasses even the Military Ridge trail in scenic awesomeness, and it in turn is bypassed by the Elroy-Sparta trail which it connects with.

A quick detour brought me to Redstone Falls. The pool beneath the falls is completely filled with fish. I could have scooped some out with my hands had I wanted to.

One thing about biking these trails is there is no grade. Or barely none. It seems like I was always on flat ground. But occasionally I'd start feeling worn out and curse my lack of fitness only to realize that I was 200 feet up the side of a hill. The roads around here appear to take more direct routs to the hills and valleys. I'm really glad I'm on the trail.

The gravel surface of the trails is very smooth, but dirt does make its way where its not wanted. Sometimes parts of my bicycle make more noise than I'm comfortable with. If turning up the volume on my headphones doesn't work I drown the offending component in WD-40.

Just about every town I passed through today had a tank. Just like every night has it's dawn. Just like every cowboy sings his sad, sad song. Every town has its tank.

I met a good number of cyclists carrying loads, but none as big as mine. I was beginning to feel self-conscious. But the reality is if you are simple biking the Wisconsin trail system you can easily stay in hotels every night.

The Elroy-Sparta trail passes through three different tunnels. All are arrow-straight, and you can see one end from the other (except, apparently, on hot days when a fog forms inside the tunnels). The third tunnel was the longest and wettest. It must have been 3/4 of a mile long. I always walked my bike and wore my head lamp.

Right before Tunnel #3 I stopped to talk with Bob, a retired guy out getting some exercise on his bike. We were soon joined by Daniel, who was walking his dog. Daniel spent time in Iraq. Bob had a rich life with about a thousand different jobs. Daniel traded in his old car before going to Iraq. Bob asked all kinds of questions and had some good stories as well. Bob was a bid ADD Iraq Iraq Iraq.

I could have made it to Sparta, but camping after Sparta would be unpleasant. So I found a nice spot way up a four-wheeler trail on the side of a big hill. There are no shortage of critters here.

I took a pile of pictures today. I'll have to post the others later.

Baraboo River

chasing deer down the 4 Trail

Redstone Falls

every town has its tank

tunnel #1

more rocks

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