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Whole lot of bluffs


It rained all morning while I sat in my hotel and refreshed weather.com. The forecast called for continuing cold rain. Only an idiot would check out of his hotel and hit the trail on a day like today.

I checked out of my hotel and hit the trail around 9am.

BTW, for those of you who care about such things, I neglected to mention that I entered bear country yesterday.

I rode north to the end of the Great River Trail. This is another fine trail. It cuts across wetlands and forest that border the Mississippi. Other than a couple of muskrats I didn't see many critters. But that's probably due to the weather.

Eventually I was at the end of the trail and had to switch over to highway travel. As I biked north along the Mississippi River I saw one awesome bluff after another interspersed by marshes and swamps with an occasional grasslands. At first this was cool. Wow, look at that towering bluff! Then it became common and eventually got old. What, did I just pass another majestic natural wonder?

It amazes me how little litter there is here compared to the southern states. What litter there is consists mostly of empty cigarette packs. Scabbed lung cool suckers.

Google maps lied to me. Again. I was hoping to visit the roadside attraction The Rock in the House. Google showed it north of Fountain City. It definitely wasn't there. I learned later that it might be in Maiden Rock, but I'm not going that way.

I have come to the belated conclusion that my camera takes horrible photographs. I had hoped that if I learned all of its settings I could overcome its obvious shortfalls. I was to be disappointed. I will attempt to remedy this soon.

I pulled into a parking area in the Tiffany State Hunting Grounds to scout for a camping site. Soon after that a guy named Joe pulled in to scout for turkeys. Joe likes to hunt. Right now he hunts turkey every day (because he can buy a new tag every day). He has a bear tag this year that he hopes to fill right here where I'm camping. Joe carries pictures of his trophy deer and laments on how they were the small ones, but he doesn't use normal terminology. Every deer has a number, like 178 7/8, which I can only assume is a scoring system. Even trail-cam deer. Joe likes to fish. He enters every fishing tournament he can between the Dakotas and Michigan. He has a twenty foot boat that's just as capable for walleye as it is for salmon. He drives his truck over five miles of frozen Mississippi just to ice fish.

After talking for an hour I decided to stay put for the night. I set up camp in a sea of nettles beneath a cloud of mosquitoes.

another bluff

more wetlands

more prairie

Alma couldn't afford a tank

Mississippi River barge

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