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05/14  It's peanut butter jelly time
05/15  Military Ridge
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05/17  Geologists fed me watermelon
05/18  Big Rocks
05/19  The sneaky hills
05/20  Go and Stop
05/21  Whole lot of bluffs
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05/22  Smells like the North Woods
05/23  Stop and they'll get you
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05/25  Solitude and Dragonflies
05/28  Big timber
05/29  Not too proud to push
05/30  Stupid four-wheeler driving losers
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05/31  There be dragons here
06/02  Duluth
06/03  Cruisin' the coast
06/04  I am so biking through the North Woods in a cold rain!
06/05  International Wolf Center
06/06  Finally heading west
06/09  Home on the Iron Range
06/10  Rain and loons
06/11  West of the Mississippi...I think
06/12  No more forest
06/13  "Thank you for not wearing spandex"
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06/17  Ticks, rain and work
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06/20  Perfectly centered
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06/24  Chugging along
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06/25  Push up, roll down, repeat
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06/27  I must be getting "west"
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07/03  Duct tape, hose clamp and a big iron bar
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07/21  "I'm done when I'm done"
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Smells like the North Woods


I ate breakfast in Duran on a park bench overlooking the Chippewa River.

After a few miles into Durand I got onto the Chippewa River State Trail. This runs into Eau Claire where it eventually meets up with the Old Abe Trail. Something strange about these trails: they are completely paved. So you can coast along almost silently. I saw lots of turkey, some eagles, deer and even a newborn fawn. Also, people on their own bicycles kept sneaking up from behind and scaring me.

All along the Chippewa River trail there are historical markers showing where old mill towns stood but are now completely gone.

Eau Claire itself has its own system of city trails. For the most part these are very nice as well. I was surprised at how extensive these trails were.

I am far enough north that the smell of the forest has changed. Well the smell of something has changed. But it really feels like I'm getting "up north." I crossed the 45th parallel. I am half-way between the Equator and the North Pole.

I left the Wisconsin State trail system in Cornell and continued making my way north on back roads. Because I'd already been going most of the day I quickly found a place to camp. Trespassing as usual.

I picked up a half-dozen ticks just walking my bike up a trail. And you wouldn't believe the mosquitoes! I set up the tent as fast as possible, threw all my bags in, and dove in after.

Heard an apt quote today: "My reality is less interesting than the story I'll tell about it later."

Chippewa River Trail

entering Eau Claire

the 45th parallel


the world's only pulpwood stacker

some river

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