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I am so biking through the North Woods in a cold rain!


I guess it's just as well that I stopped to get some work done. It rained most of the night and on through late morning.

I stayed at the Mariner Motel in Silver Bay. This is the first motel that I've stayed at in a long time that did not have air conditioning. But the place is nice enough. I guess there just is no need for it here.

I left Silver Bay around 11:30. The radar seemed to indicate the rain was almost over. So I thought "seize the day" and hit the road. The first 5 miles up Highway 61 were wretched. I pushed into a driving wind soaking me with rain with heavy traffic. When I finally turned onto Highway 1 I began 20 miles of slow hill climbing, but the wind was gone and the climbing kept me warm.

I ate the all-you-can-eat-fish lunch special in Finland. I wanted to see the statue of St. Urho. Apparently, St. Urho chased the grasshoppers out of Finland to save a grape crop. Unfortunately a local indicated that the St. Urho was ahead of me when in fact I had gone by it already.

I talked to a few people today. All seemed to take my bicycle in stride. What's more, nobody even indicated that they thought it strange for me to be biking in the rain. I guess after a Minnesota winter even today seems like a beautiful Spring day. One girl even commented "at least it's a warm rain." It was probably 60 degrees out.

By 4pm I was growing tired of the rain. By 5pm the rain had stopped and the sun even began peaking out from time to time. The road finally leveled out because I was entering lake country. There is some truly gorgeous scenery up here. And there is plenty of time to see it because it doesn't get dark until 10:00!

Highway 1 is pretty remote. I went for miles on some stretches without meeting a car. But it's a well kept road.

I met a guy named Richard on the Stony River. I saw his van, and because I am now so far into the middle of nowhere that a parked vehicle is actually a novelty, I looked around and spied him taking photographs of the river. Real photographs. Not like mine. As we were talking a deer steps out onto the bank. I whip up my camera and fire off a shot. Richard was still changing lenses. Pity, because it was a really neat picture even on my camera. He has been taking pictures all around here, so if you want to see all the cool stuff I missed, go to www.creationlightimages.com.

I am noticing that there are a lot of Subarus up here. There was even a baby 4x4 Subaru utility truck for sale that I can only assume came directly from Japan because the steering wheel was on the right side. I think $5000 may be a bit much for that.

I never did see a moose today, though I saw many tracks. They like to wallow in the mud in the ditch along the road apparently. I set up camp on a four-wheeler trail between two big grass/wetland areas. Maybe I'll get lucky and see one yet.

Rocky Taconite in Silver Bay

rainy day

Stony River

deer on the Stony River

moose tracks

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