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Rain and loons


The Chippewa Forest was eerily silent for most of last night. Usually I can't even sleep due to the cacophony of bird calls, insect noises, wind and various critter howls. It was like sleeping in the desert. Except everything was damp.

I always feel like quite the stranger at small town cafes. I'm the only one not greeting everybody else by name. "Hi Dan." " Mornin' Mike." "Hey Tom." "How are you doing Sam?" I've been noticing that folks up here are hesitant to even talk to me. I am starting to miss the scornful "you're going to get rained on" remarks I regularly received in the South.

Outside the grocery store in Longville I met Bruno the town dog. Apparently he actually lives 4 miles outside of town. Every day he makes his rounds to get fed. Bruno is very friendly and nobody runs him over as he walks down the middle of the street. I was told he also likes to chase ducks, which was why he was so wet.

All today I could hear the distinct calls of loons. Occasionally I could even spot them out on the various lakes. But it's hard to get a good picture of a loon with my camera.

I'm growing tired of being cold and wet. 55 degrees is a terrible temperature for cycling, especially when it's damp. I must wear multiple layers to stay warm. Then I hit hills or wind and start sweating. This makes me colder. Eventually I warm up and find that my route has wrapped around leeward of a large lake which drops the temperature and moistens the air that much more. Then it starts raining again. I made it 40 miles today before giving up and getting a hotel in Hackensack. Is this not June? The weather forecasts are predicting slightly more warmth and a little less rain for tomorrow. We shall see.

good morning Minnesota

giant bald eagle in Remer

giant ant hill

Bruno the town dog waiting for meatballs

loons on Woman Lake

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