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West of the Mississippi...I think


Actually, looking at a map, it seems I may have been west of the Mississippi for a while now. It's confusing because the river starts out going north, and then it jumps from lake to lake. And my maps aren't very good.

Another late start. No matter how quickly I clicked Refresh on the web browser the radar didn't show the rain leaving any quicker. In fact eventually it just stalled. So I was delayed in leaving Hackensack until noon.

I departed going north on the Paul Bunyan State Trail in the rain. As I swerved between nightcrawlers and a strange abundance of coyote scat I thought to myself that I will always remember Minnesota as that cold rainy place.

The worse part about all the cold and rain is that in a few weeks I'll probably be complaining about the heat.

This is indeed the land of 10000 lakes. I think I passed about 1000 of them today. Just about every one has a beaver lodge. Some of those lodges are freaking huge.

I saw lots of deer (as usual), an eagle, various water birds and some very big turkeys. Oddly I haven't seen a porcupine yet, or a verifiable grouse.

At one point I passed a train of horses and wagons. Then my phone rang and they passed me. Then I passed them again. And my phone rang again. So they passed me. Finally I passed them up again. But I had to respond to an email...

As I was biking down a Highway 4, I realized that this big and busy highway sucked. So I turned off onto Coon Lake Trail, a dirt road detour. This ended up being well worth it. This road wrapped around picturesque lakes and I think I met only one vehicle my entire run of it. And you always go faster on narrow roads. Okay, not really. But there is an illusion of greater speed. On a four-lane highway you feel like you are barely crawling along.

I ended my day at Itasca State Park, where the Mississippi river begins. This is the kind of park that you could easily spend a day or two exploring. Perhaps I will return some day. As usual I set up camp sneaky-like. Only refuge-camp wannabes pay for the right to set up tents in a simulated urban sprawl.

The mosquito cloud here is the most impressive so far.

Lucette Diana Kensack

Paul Bunyan trying to lift my bike

just one wagon of a whole train

World's Largest Tiger Musky

headwaters of the Mississippi

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