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05/14  It's peanut butter jelly time
05/15  Military Ridge
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05/17  Geologists fed me watermelon
05/18  Big Rocks
05/19  The sneaky hills
05/20  Go and Stop
05/21  Whole lot of bluffs
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05/22  Smells like the North Woods
05/23  Stop and they'll get you
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05/25  Solitude and Dragonflies
05/28  Big timber
05/29  Not too proud to push
05/30  Stupid four-wheeler driving losers
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05/31  There be dragons here
06/02  Duluth
06/03  Cruisin' the coast
06/04  I am so biking through the North Woods in a cold rain!
06/05  International Wolf Center
06/06  Finally heading west
06/09  Home on the Iron Range
06/10  Rain and loons
06/11  West of the Mississippi...I think
06/12  No more forest
06/13  "Thank you for not wearing spandex"
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06/17  Ticks, rain and work
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06/20  Perfectly centered
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06/24  Chugging along
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06/25  Push up, roll down, repeat
06/26  Rain Delays
06/27  I must be getting "west"
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07/03  Duct tape, hose clamp and a big iron bar
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07/11  A scarcity of roads
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07/21  "I'm done when I'm done"
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Fargo is one of those places where you are in a big city and then suddenly you're not. One minute city; the next minute corn.

At the western edge of Fargo is Bonanzaville, some sort of tourist destination that was not yet open for the day when I rolled through. Peering through gates and barb wire, I was not very impressed. I think it's supposed to be some sort of recreated old town, but I've seen real towns more "bonanzaville" then Bonanzaville.

North Dakota is really flat. Really really flat. And open. As in, I can see the town I'll be arriving at in an hour. For the first half of the day the only hill I had to climb was an Interstate 95 overpass.

The day was beautiful. I can finally be warm and dry again. This caused my brakes to stop squeaking. It's silly how nice it is not having squeaky breaks.

I traveled west to Casselton to see the world's largest pile of oil cans. This is something to see -- if you happen to randomly get off the interstate to fill up with gas and can spare a few minutes of your life that you will never get back.

From there I headed south into the Sheyenne National Grassland which, like other "grasslands" I have visited, sported more trees than the surrounding country. Recent rains left much of it flooded, so I scared up an amazing variety of ducks. There were also many other very colorful birds that I couldn't even consider naming. I spotted a badger. And there were cows, lots and lots of cows. I found a detailed map that showed how the grassland was divided into segmented pastures.

AT&T really hates North Dakota. Once outside of Fargo I didn't have a signal the rest of the day. I still don't.

Once through the National Grazeland, I headed west toward Lisbon where I hooked up with the Sheyenne River Valley Scenic Byway. Now that I'm following the Sheyenne River, there are hills again.

I set up camp in a wildlife management area, apparently near some sort strange rock that I didn't find.



largest stack of oil cans

water cows

Sheyenne National Grassland

sheep on the Sheyenne River

giant Viking on Pyramid Hill

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