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Ticks, rain and work


I didn't sleep very well last night. I'd be about to doze off and suddenly I'd feel a tick crawling about on some part of my body. I don't know where they came from, but this happened several times. Then a gust of wind would flare up snapping the tent back and forth. After that I would periodically imagine I had ticks on me when I didn't. The weather was kind of muggy and warm, which didn't help.

At some point I started being woke by flashing lights -- lightning in the distance. There was no thunder.

Then it started raining lightly, popping against the sides of the tent. It stopped, so I counted myself lucky. A bit later a full-on electrical storm hit. My tent has an almost non-existant rain fly, so a pounding rain soon found its way through the liner. Before long everything I owned was completely soaked.

Giving up on further sleep I curled into my soaking sleeping bag and waited for morning. It finally stopped raining just as it was getting light out. At least it was warm.

The Sheyenne River Valley scenic byway is mostly a gravel road down where I was. When dry the previous day, it was actually quite smooth and solid. When wet, it turned into a soft, slimy nightmare. My packs also seemingly doubled in weight due to everything being soaked.

Mid-morning I found Little Yellowstone Park. There are a number of sheltered picnic tables there, so I unpacked and tried to dry out my gear. About ten minutes later another massive storm came through, complete with strong winds and hail. My stuff didn't dry much.

This whole time AT&T was still offering no service and a good crises was brewing at work. My absence was stressing a few folks out. So when I finally made it back to civilization (in the form of Valley City), I stopped for work. Another small storm rolled through, but the rest of the day was beautiful. Sigh.

little tent on the prairie

some random scenic pond

go away rain

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