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05/14  It's peanut butter jelly time
05/15  Military Ridge
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05/17  Geologists fed me watermelon
05/18  Big Rocks
05/19  The sneaky hills
05/20  Go and Stop
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05/22  Smells like the North Woods
05/23  Stop and they'll get you
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05/25  Solitude and Dragonflies
05/28  Big timber
05/29  Not too proud to push
05/30  Stupid four-wheeler driving losers
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05/31  There be dragons here
06/02  Duluth
06/03  Cruisin' the coast
06/04  I am so biking through the North Woods in a cold rain!
06/05  International Wolf Center
06/06  Finally heading west
06/09  Home on the Iron Range
06/10  Rain and loons
06/11  West of the Mississippi...I think
06/12  No more forest
06/13  "Thank you for not wearing spandex"
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06/16  Flat
06/17  Ticks, rain and work
06/18  Wind
06/19  Deer and hawks
06/20  Perfectly centered
06/23  Peace and Turtles
06/24  Chugging along
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06/25  Push up, roll down, repeat
06/26  Rain Delays
06/27  I must be getting "west"
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07/03  Duct tape, hose clamp and a big iron bar
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07/06  Something good comes of the rain
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07/10  Yellowstone River Valley
07/11  A scarcity of roads
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07/16  Reservations
07/17  A short unremarkable day
07/21  "I'm done when I'm done"
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My first stop of the day was Medicine Wheel Park in Valley City, which has a culturally diverse stone circle that doubles as a solar system map.

My second stop was the fish hatchery just north of Valley City. There were a few interesting displays and a grade school class watching a video, but it wasn't really geared for tourists.

My third stop of the day was supposed to be the Buffalo Museum in Jamestown. This didn't happen.

Leaving the fish hatchery and biking west proved to be difficult, what with a 35 mph head wind gusting up to 50 mph. Have you ever biked into a 35 mph wind? It's not as fun as it sounds. It's worse than going up a steep hill for miles and miles, because the noise and buffeting never cease.

For a bit I traveled south on a gravel road. I was literally leaning into the wind, and sometimes my whole bike would slide sideways when gusts hit me. Once on pavement going west it was granny gears all the way. I realized that it was going to take the entire day to push into Jamestown, but then the road was flooded. If not for the wind I may have attempted a ford, but I wasn't so brave. From my location there weren't any other viable routes into Jamestown that wouldn't also be subject to flooding. So I turned north. I'll have to visit Jamestown on some other trip.

The wind was slightly out of the south, so I actually managed a little tacking going north. However it was so much work holding the bike steady that my back muscles were aching.

Beyond the flooding, North Dakota has a large number of small grassy lakes, so the number of ducks here is astounding. Of course watching ducks fly backwards is also a bit astounding. Pelicans and other water birds popped up in various places as well.

Because I had originally planed on re-stocking food when I got to Jamestown, I now found myself in the middle of a lot of nothing with very little food. Over the course of the day I finished my last three granola bars while not coming across a grocery store or even a gas station. Finally around 5pm I found the small town of Dazey which had a single bar serving frozen pizza. That was my dinner and will also be my breakfast.

Unfortunately after Dazey I needed to go west again. By then the wind was starting to abate a very little. After a few miles I spotted an abandoned house out on a sea of grass. Perfect. Because of the wind and forecasted rain, I didn't want to be out in the open. Though the swallows didn't appreciate it, the small family room made a good place to camp.

Medicine Wheel

horses in the Sheyenne River Valley

pelicans and white caps

road closed

welcome to the Hotel North Dakota

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