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05/31  There be dragons here
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Deer and hawks


I knew it was time to wake up when the swallows began screaming, "shrill-squeek-shrill-squeek-click-click-click," which translates roughly to, "I know a really annoying song, I know a really annoying song, I know a really annoying song," to which I replied, "Go away bird! Go away!"

So I climbed out of my sleeping bag to find several deer grazing outside the front door.

I saw more than two-dozen deer today. Many of them were laying in the grass beside the road, unconcerned with the passing of cars, but ready to totally freak and bolt at the sight of my bike. One deer ran ahead of me for a good two minutes before turning around and running back. It turns out there was a coyote in the ditch. I saw two coyotes today. I also finally scared up a pheasant, and I upset a large beaver who continually slapped the water with its tail until I went away. Oddly, I have not yet seen a verifiable grouse, quail or partridge this trip.

In general it's hard for me to get pictures of critters because they all bolt as soon as they see my bicycle.

Have I mentioned how big the farms are up here? Fields of unbroken corn or beans stretch to the horizon. Tractors the size of small houses pull implements that could decimate a city block in about ten minutes. At the heart of each farm is a small fortress completely surrounded by wind-absorbing trees with enough small buildings and silos to give the impression of a medieval village.

I haven't eaten as much junk food these past few days for no better reason than I can't find any. Once again I did not find a store today. Apparently there was a grocery in one town I went through, but it wasn't on the main street with every other business. I did manage to find an early lunch at a cafe in Kensal, and the only meal in the evening was a bar serving pizza in Sykeston ("the best pizza in town"). Pizza again. Between those stops I was very hungry, made worse by the knowledge that I had not a scrap of food. Midday, after about my sixth bottle of water, I realized I was running low on salt and would have killed a small animal for a bag of pretzels.

I visited Hawks Nest Ridge, which indeed had at least one very screechy hawk that truly got on my nerves. Though its in the middle of nowhere, a dozen folks on horses arrived about the same time. To get to the top of the ridge you have to ignore several "no trespassing" signs, cross a cattle grate, open a gate and climb a miserably steep rocky road. I arrived at the top just ahead of the horses, which I was pleased to see were sweating worse than me. The riders couldn't believe I had pushed my bike up there. They were flabbergasted when I told them how long I'd been on the road. One offered me a good psychiatrist.

From the top of Hawks Nest Ridge I'm not even sure how far you can see. On normal flat ground it's nothing to see a town six miles away.

Compared to yesterday, the wind was more than agreeable, and it all but stopped in the afternoon, but is going 24 hours without being rained on just too much to expect?

duck pond

swallows over the James River


high above North Dakota on Hawks Nest Ridge

surrounded by horses on Hawks Nest Ridge

leaving Hawks Nest Ridge

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