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06/20  Perfectly centered
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06/25  Push up, roll down, repeat
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07/11  A scarcity of roads
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Perfectly centered


Oddly enough it's hard to find a decent place to camp here in North Dakota. Just getting off the road means you're trespassing (but I don't think anybody cares). If you set up a tent in a field you are not only visible to every farm for miles but you're also exposed to potential weather. That's why I was camping in the trees near a farm. That's also why at 4am I was awoken by a steady stream of "bark bark bark bark..." that was still going when I finally packed up and left an hour later. And I thought swallows were annoying.

I haven't commented on roadkill much lately. Wisconsin and Minnesota were all about dead turtles and songbirds. In North Dakota folks appear to enjoy running down skunks.

I'm glad they don't enjoy running down bikers. In fact I get the distinct impression that many people enjoy driving in the left lane for a half-mile as they pass. Except moms in minivans. They can't drive.

There is no shade here. It's 2pm and you want to take a break. Good luck. There are trees, but they are low to the ground, and that's where the ticks and mosquitoes live. There are no convenient buildings or rest stops or gas stations or anything. Just miles and miles of asphalt or blowing grass.

I had a good tail wind, so I was again sad about stopping early. I have to work tomorrow and Rugby was the last viable stop. But Rugby is also the geographical center of North America, so there's that.

Tomorrow is my favorite day of the whole year: the summer solstice. I've never been this far north for one before and was looking forward to 18+ hours of daylight. But I will be stuck in a hotel.

good morning North Dakota

bolting deer

I see a lot of this

pelicans and other birds

my view for most of the day

Rugby, the geographic center of North America

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